joy by kyle hall

seems to be the music nerd with more time and space, who updates discogs with new record info 2 seconds before the album is released. whomever »

vim: text wrapping

:set wm=2 .. set wrap margin 2 chars from border right :set wrap linebreak nolist .. "soft" wrap that only changes the display of text and then, »

why, again? em px + rem

While fumbling with vim key bindings, I momentarily lost my understanding of how to size text. So, if you're looking for a refresher, here we go! »

Closure Linter

Scene 1: You've run npm start, focus your browser to localhost, and you see nothing. Inspecting your code, you see one or two errors and fix »

Template Strings

template strings are string literals that allow for embedded expressions. and yes, you can use multi-line strings and string interpolation features with them, such as: syntax »