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Civil sculptures. – Reference is made in this way to the sculptures that have a civil character, whether they represent an ideal (for example peace), commemorate a fact, a situation, show or originate in a sign of respect (for example a statue to the unknown soldier or even a patriotic hero). This is the case of several of the statues (usually bronze or stone), made in honor of distinguished rulers, heroes of the country, and characters that in some way contributed to the cultural, ideological, freedom, or other development of a nation.

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Sumerian Sculptures.- These are works that represented deities and kings as well as officials and daily tasks (especially in terms of reliefs). The reliefs lack perspective and the figures are presented with the profile face, but with the body of frontal form (as also in Egypt). In several sculptures there is a marked tendency to place lapis lazuli in the eyes of the statues to highlight them.

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Mesopotamian sculptures.- They are characterized by pieces such as busts and sculptures of men and women standing, (which are often referred to as “orantes”), which are represented by long robes that cover them and hold hands the way who prays or begs the deity (at chest height), leaving the face of the effigy free. It was also characterized by the use of reliefs in stone or on walls of enameled bricks, which represented different scenes. These are works that contained great similarities in several towns of the Mesopotamian zone, such as the Chaldean-Babylonians, and the Assyrians.

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